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What is Uranium?

Uranium in water is a naturally occurring element that is found in rocks. Not all rocks contain Uranium, however, there are some places in Maine that are exposed to Uranium. Uranium breaks down very slowly into other elements including radium and radon gas.

Uranium Health Risks

The dangers of drinking water high in uranium can harm your kidneys. Kidneys filter your blood and make urine. Uranium can also cause liver damage and cancer and its chance of happening, depends on:

  • Levels of Uranuim found in your water
  • The amount of tap water you consume
  • The length of time you have been consuming the water

Bathing and showering is not a health concern as Uranium is not absorbed through the skin. If you suspect that Uranium may be in your water supply, we recommend getting your water tested.

How Uranium is Corrected

Correction treatment systems can vary between Reverse Osmosis or an Anion Softener. We prefer to use the Anion Softener for whole house water filter systems. The Anion Softener costs 75% less than a Reverse Osmosis and requires less maintenance with the same results.

Quick Short-term Solution: Drink bottled water if your test results are high. If you often cook foods that soak up or use water like noodles, rice, and soup, use bottled water. You can either keep using bottled water, or choose a treatment system to remove the uranium.

Common solutions to Uranium in water include: Reverse Osmosis System or Ion Exchange water treatment systems.