Out of Water? We're on it!

Maine Well Drilling & Well Installation

A-Z Water Systems provides reliable well drilling services done by professionals with 30 years’ experience in the field. There is much more that goes into well drilling and installation than simply drilling a hole into the ground.

We know exactly what it takes to get the job done right!

Well Pump Installation & Service

After we have drilled your well, we offer only the highest quality manufacturers for well pumps. We’ll choose the pump that is right for you – we want to ensure your well provides water with no problems!

Other Well Services

We also offer water storage tanks, control systems installation and replacement, constant pressure systems, and winterization.

Should you notice changes in your water pressure, call immediately. A change in pressure may indicate a problem with the water tank. If the tank fails, it can cause the pump motor to burn out, driving up your repair costs. One-third of the pumps we change have failed due to a faulty bladder in the tank. We stock most of the common parts for these systems.

NO Water? No Problem!

If you find yourself with no water – we provide emergency system diagnosis and pump replacement – just give us a call!

Does your well run out of water? Well not produce enough water?

You may want to consider well enhancement through hydro-fracking. We use the process of pumping highly pressurized water into a new or existing well to help open new water veins, increasing overall water flow. Hydrofracking can establish a better water source for new wells and increase water production in existing wells. 

A-Z Water Systems Recommended Flow Rates

100 ft = 6 gal/min, 140 ft = 5 gal/min, 180 ft = 4gal/min, 240 ft = 3 gal/min, 320 ft = 2 gal/min, 420 ft = 1 gal/min