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Well Drilling: Explained

Many Maine homes have wells that provide their water. Are you thinking about a new well? Wondering how wells are drilled and installed? We’ve got the technical details for you:

Most wells in Maine use the rotary drilling method for a well installation – a drill bit is attached to a length of connected drill pipe. The drill bit is made of a tough metal such as tungsten, and as the drill is rotated, the bit acts to grind up the rock. The broken pieces (cuttings) are flushed upward and out of the hole by circulating a drilling fluid (sometimes called drilling mud) down through the drill pipe and back to the surface. This drilling fluid also serves to cool and lubricate the drill bit. By stabilizing the wall of the hole, it can prevent possible cave-in of unstable sands or crumbly rock before the well casing or well screen is installed.

As the drill intersects water-bearing rock formations water will flow into the hole. We carefully monitor the depth of water “strikes”, and keep a note of the formations in which they occur. In areas of hard rocks we use a well installation drilling technique that uses compressed air to operate a down-hole air hammer on the end of the drill string that helps to break up the hard rocks. The compressed air also blows the crushed rock fragments out of the hole to the surface along with any water that flows in the well during drilling.

In low yielding wells it is sometimes possible to increase yield by using “hydrofracking” techniques. In this process, selected parts of the drilled hole are subjected to great pressure using special tools lowered from the surface. The expected result is that small existing fractures will be enlarged or opened up to allow the well to connect to additional water bearing fractures or fissures.

No matter which method of drilling is used, the top part of the well is usually lined with steel or plastic well casing. The diameter of the drilled hole is usually an inch or two wider than the diameter of the casing. The space between the drilled hole and the casing (the annulus) has to be filled to prevent the chance of polluted surface water from migrating downward along the outside of the casing where it might contaminate the aquifer. Sometimes most of the space is filled with the fine rock pieces from drilling and then the top 20 feet is grouted.

A modern water well installation is much more than a hole in the ground. There is a lot of experience and knowledge required to dig a stable and productive well.

With A-Z Water Systems, you get much more than just a company that drills water wells and installs well pumps! We use higher flow rates than typical state standards because we want you to enjoy the most amount of water possible. We also offer hydrofracking equipment for low producing wells to increase water availability.

9 Reasons to Work with A-Z Water Systems

1 – On-Time Scheduling

2 – Increased Flow rates above state standards.

3 – Proper sizing of water pumps and water tanks (this ensures your water needs are met).

4 – Water Testing. With A-Z Water Systems the job doesn’t end with the water pump. We fully chlorinate the well and pump and then take a water sample and send it to the lab for analysis. We then provide a copy for you with any recommendations and pricing on any filtration that might be needed if necessary.

5 – Upgradable systems. A-Z Water Systems offers constant pressure systems for those customers who would like additional water pressure without the fluctuation that accompanies a traditional system.

6 – Ability to handle and knowledge of water requirements for FHA regulations.

7 – Ability to handle and knowledge of water requirements and pumping systems for houses that require fire sprinkler systems without having to install space consuming holding tanks in the basement.

8 – Use of materials above industry standards.

9 – Varmint-proof well caps. Prevents insects or any other critters from getting into the well. The industry standard is just a regular cap.

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